ShowThe BIB Podcast

Episode 43

Zen Side Out

Join us for Season 2, Episode 23, as host Sean Tory speaks with June Matute-Green, founder and CEO of Zen Side Out. Zen Side Out is an organic and natural bath, body, and aromatherapy line of handcrafted products designed to engage the senses into a...

Episode 40

Fitness is Your Wealth

Join us for Season 2, Episode 20, as guest host Patranya Bhoolsuwan & host Sean Tory speak with Rose Peterson, founder, and CEO of RP Fitness and Nutrition. In addition to being a mother, Rose is a fitness & nutrition coach in Las Vegas who...

Episode 38

Asian Hustle Network

Join us for Season 2, Episode 18, as we speak with Bryan Pham for AAPI month about his journey as the founder of Asian Hustle Network [AHN], Crushing it in Real Estate [CIIRE], HateIsAVirus, and a venture partner at Outlier Fund...

Episode 37

Penny Cakes LV

Join us for Season 2, Episode 17, as we speak with Latasha Alessi about her journey being a full-time entrepreneur—baking from scratch and at home. Tune in to hear our host, Sean Tory, and guest host, Tinya Marie, speak with Latasha about...