Ambition Starts from Day 1

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Join us for Season 2, Episode 26, as host Sean Tory speaks with Brandarius Johnson, founder, and CEO of Day 1 Ambition. A survivor of suicide, Brandarius has published his personal biography which reveals a deep and compelling story of hope and resilience. His book titled ‘Mental Hope’ highlights the fact that: There is No Surgery For Depression. His readers will feel empowered to know there is always hope – even in their darkest moments. 

This is why this Las Vegas native has designed a clothing brand called Day 1 Ambition that embodies messages like, ‘The World Wouldn’t Spin the Same Without You!’ and the ‘Mental Hussle Continues’. His personal mantra: ‘Everyday Is Day 1’ has inspired him and thousands of other people to continue to live the life they aspire!

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